Amethyst Initiation & Activation

Date: June 3, 2018 10:00 AM – 4 PM We’ll break for lunch. Your investment: $85.00.

Each attendee will be gifted a piece of amethyst charged with the energy of our time together!

Are you drawn to the deep rich violet color of amethyst? Have you ever wondered why royal families and religious leaders throughout the ages have worn this beautiful mysterious gem? What secrets lie hidden in its depths?

Amethyst is associated with freedom from all that ties us to this illusory reality. The amethyst initiation and activation lifts us out of illusion into the clarity of true vision of whom and what we are. Amethyst puts us in touch with the cradle of creation in each of us and works powerfully with all chakras, on and off the body.

Come learn how to work with this amazing crystal energy to:

  • expand your consciousness
  • raise your vibrational frequency
  • develop and increase your psychic abilities
  • balance all your chakras
  • connect with beneficial energies
  • augment your yoga practice
  • restore balance
  • merge with your higher self
  • consciously create your reality
  • and enhance your connection to the spiritual realms
  • among other things.


Initiations always involve a figurative death and rebirth. What are you ready to release so that something new can be born? Don’t miss this opportunity to shift to a higher vibration and step more fully into your role as a creator! You’ll receive a “one on one” activation and have an opportunity to step out of time and space into your multidimensional self! Let’s play together and expand our horizons! Please register with 8 Limbs Yoga and Boutique, St Augustine, Florida 32080, and follow us on Facebook & Instagram.



Debra Lones was born in Miami, Florida, received a doctorate degree from Stetson University, and has spent a lifetime pursuing her interest in a living spirituality and mystical studies. In 2001, Debra traveled to Bali to study energy work. In 2002, she was part of an international group of 38 students and teachers who traveled throughout China studying Taoism. The group also learned about medical qigong. During her stay in China, Debra expanded her meditation practice in a cave high on the powerful Mount Huashan. In 2004, Debra traveled to Canyon de Chelly where she learned more about shamanic healing practices and experienced the hospitality and wisdom of a Native American host family. Debra continued her mystical studies in Egypt in 2005, where she underwent powerful initiations at ancient sacred sites throughout Egypt. Since then, Debra's travels have taken her to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, and India. In February of 2014, Debra received a Sri Yantra activation beneath the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

Over the past 12 years, Debra has served as an instrument for, and facilitator of, powerful spiritual activations. People have reported amazing results following the activations including the removal of addiction, the disappearance of fear, overwhelming peace and compassion, enhanced psychic abilities, and a feeling of wholeness and integrity, to name a few.

Debra’s interest in crystals began as a child and her relationship and understanding of the consciousness and power of minerals has deepened over her lifetime.

Debra is an ordained minister, a reiki master, and an active supporter of animal rights. Her hobbies include exploring the nature of reality, travel, hiking, canoeing, river rafting, and reading. She is a student, an inter-dimensional traveler, a dreamer, teacher, and passionate lover of life.