Reiki II

Awaken the Healer Within - (Prerequisite Reiki I)

Sept. 25, 2016: 10 AM – 4:30 PM

Your Investment: $250.00 (We’ll break for lunch)    

Please bring your purple book from Reiki I.


Great news! Reiki II Training is being offered on September 25th at 8 Limbs. There’s a tremendous shift energetically from reiki I to reiki II. The second degree attunements work with your energy field multi-dimensionally balancing and revitalizing your aura as well as upgrading all your chakras, personal and transpersonal.  Reiki II greatly enhances the flow of energy through the practitioner often healing old emotional wounds and trauma, resolving negative mental patterns, and raising the vibratory frequency of the recipient. This results in an increase of psychic abilities as well. 


Three of the ancient reiki symbols will be revealed to you.  These Sanskrit derived symbols are conservatively estimated to be 2,500 years old though some believe the reiki symbols have origins in the Pleiades star system making them much older. You’ll learn a variety of ways to work with these powerful symbols including how to send distant healing energy to upcoming events, births, weddings, gatherings, elections, surgeries, tests, court dates, appointments, job interviews, troubled relationships, etc… You’ll even learn how to change the past energetically, clear space and crystals, remove negative entities and familial imprints, offer blessings, and more!  Amazing, isn’t it? We’ll practice doing all of these things in class.


Working with the reiki symbols will  become part of your everyday life.  As you fall asleep, you can invoke the distant healing symbol sending healing energy to friends and family who have requested prayers and reiki.  When you travel you can surround planes, trains, and automobiles with reiki.  You can send reiki to our planet, to natural disasters, even to consciousness itself as we continue to grow and evolve.  What a blessing!  Reiki II allows us to become proactive in every situation.


Gift: Each person attending this class will receive a selenite wand as a gift. You’ll learn how to work with the wand and reiki.  Each wand has been attuned by Debra to the Reiki III Master level.


Debra Lones is a Reiki Master trained in the Usui Tradition.  

 Some Comments from Reiki Students:


”I can't even describe how much I got out of the Reiki attunement.  I really needed that at this point in my life.  I feel as though I have discovered a new love for not only others, but for myself as well.  I thank you for being such a beautiful person.  You have made such a huge impact on my life.”   Reiki I student 


“First, I feel great today - my body actually feels younger. Second, I did a treatment on …. last night - went real well – I remembered to use the signs before and after.  She said after I was done it felt like I still had my hand on her back.  The first time I worked on her back I did it hands off - worked on her aura. I could actually feel the stream of energy leaving my hands. Third, I talked to ……..on whom I did the distance healing on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon the water swelling in her feet began to go down and by Sunday morning it was all gone.  She said she lost like 8 pounds of water overnight.  …just wanted to let you know.  I feel so good I can hardly stand it.”

Reiki II student


“Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the wonderful class.  I enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed the day more than I can express in words. Have been so excited and am working on my Reiki very much. I worked with a close friend the day of class and he is feeling relief from a very old injury. You are a very special lady and I feel blessed for knowing you.  Your gifts that you share with others are amazing.”  Reiki I Student



“Just got done talking to ….she said she could feel the waves of healing going thru her body…… Anyway, after the energy stopped around 2:45, she totally relaxed & fell sound asleep.   Just awoke a short time ago.  Said her ankle feels fine, after hurting for several wks.  I didn't know that she had psoriasis all over her scalp. She started feeling for it & couldn't find it anymore.”  Reiki II student


“I did a distant Reiki healing for a friend.  I drew the symbols … and the Reiki kept flowing through my hands for 35 minutes. I knew immediately when it stopped flowing. It was really awesome. I feel so honored that I am being a part of the Universal Healing in this way.”  Reiki II student


“I have been meaning to email you ever since the Reiki II class.  It was such a loving, peaceful and life changing experience for me.  I so appreciate the unconditional love and blessings that you poured out to me and the others in the class.  I truly feel that the blessings, attunements and spiritual information that I received will greatly assist me in focusing on deeper spiritual and personal growth.  I can't thank you enough for being a catalyst for that. There really is nothing more beautiful. Thank you again for everything.”  Reiki II student 


“Thank you so much for passing the Reiki I attunements on to me, it was a very humbling and powerful experience for me. As if I reconnected with something very familiar within me!!! …It nearly seems as if I've been using the concept of Reiki in my Healing/Massage work over the last ten years!! And now it's like the switch is really turned on!!  I've been buzzing since the attunements and felt very strong energy and sensations in my palms. I've been using Reiki on myself often, and yesterday I also used it on one of my regular clients, he sensed a very strong heat from the work I did…. and I wasn't even touching him.  I've felt very uplifted and in very happy spirit and excited about my life... I feel as if I'm finally stepping into my power and trusting it.”  Reiki I student 



Debra Lones was born in Miami, Florida.  She received a doctorate degree from Stetson University.   Debra has spent a lifetime pursuing her interest in a living spirituality and mystical studies.  She has attended numerous workshops and training sessions. In 2001, Debra traveled to Bali to study energy work and feng shui.  In 2002, she was part of an international group of 38 students and teachers who traveled throughout China studying Taoism.  The group also learned about medical qigong. During her stay in China, Debra expanded her meditation practice in a cave high on the powerful Mount Huashan. In 2004, Debra traveled to Canyon de Chelly where she learned more about shamanic healing practices and experienced the hospitality and wisdom of a Native American host family. Debra continued her mystical studies in Egypt in 2005, where she underwent powerful initiations at ancient sacred sites throughout Egypt. Since then, Debra's travels have taken her to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, and India.  In February of 2014, Debra received a Sri Yantra activation beneath the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India where the Buddha attained enlightenment.


Over the past 11 years, Debra has served as an instrument for, and facilitator of, powerful spiritual activations.  People have reported amazing results following the activations including the removal of addiction, the disappearance of fear, overwhelming peace and compassion, enhanced psychic abilities, and a feeling of wholeness and integrity, to name a few.


Debra’s greatest passion is helping others realize their own divinity and power. She shares this passion in a myriad of venues. She is an ordained minister and a Reiki Master. Debra initiates others into spiritual energy work and teaches spiritual healing practices. Many of her workshops involve powerful initiations and attunements.


Debra loves animals and has been an active supporter of PETA for many years.  She is a fourth generation Floridian and loves the great outdoors.  Her hobbies include exploring the nature of reality, travel, hiking, canoeing, river rafting, and reading.  Debra is a student, an inter-dimensional traveler, a dreamer,  teacher, and passionate lover of life.