Working with Crystals Workshop

Working with Crystals

Sunday, August 7, 2016 from 10:30 AM – 4 PM

We’ll Break for Lunch
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Come experience a day of illumination, exploration, and joy playing with some wonderful stones! Why was the great pyramid at Giza, an initiation chamber, covered with polished stone? Why did the priests in ancient times wear crystals on their breastplates? Why is the pope’s headpiece adorned with gems? Why does royalty always wear gem stones? What do they all know about the power of crystals and how crystals affect the auric field? Come find out!
Dr. Paul Goss tells us that “Man’s body contains 144,000 crystals. Your crystals cause your body to absorb and dispatch the information that is in you.” The crystals in your body store information about the nature of reality and can help you awaken to the truth and beauty of who you really are as a divine being.
Richard Gerber, MD. tells us that our blood is a liquid crystal, that our bones are crystalline, that our pineal gland is crystalline. Mystics have called the place within our skull where the pineal gland is situated – the crystal cave. Cell salts, fatty tissue, and lymph are also said to be crystalline.
We are designed physically to run energy. The body is a complex bio-crystal operating in a multi dimensional format of expression. Crystals amplify energy and can even activate the powerful kundalini energy.
Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of crystals? There are all kinds of stones. They sparkle, shine, vibrate, protect, heal, calm, attract, teach, and enlighten, among other things. They are conscious! Are you ready to meet and align with a special crystal to assist you in moving consciously into the fullness of your being? If so, this workshop is for you!
Each person will be matched with a small crystal companion, aka a crystal ally, as a gift. Learn how to work with your matched stone in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Take it home and let the magic and mystery continue to unfold.
In this workshop you will learn to work with crystals to:
  • manifest abundance, relationships, success,
  • improve your health,
  • clear and strengthen your auric field,
  • meditate,
  • clear space,
  • improve your intuition,
  • enhance your creativity,
  • experience the bliss that is your birthright in every moment, and more!

We’ll cover a lot of territory in this workshop. You’ll leave with a new understanding and appreciation of crystals along with a crystal friend with whom you can continue your adventures in consciousness at home! Isn’t life fun?


 Meet Debra

Debra Lones was born in Miami, Florida. She received a doctorate degree from Stetson University.   Debra has spent a lifetime pursuing her interest in a living spirituality and mystical studies. She has attended numerous workshops and training sessions. In 2001, Debra traveled to Bali to study energy work and feng shui. In 2002, she was part of an international group of 38 students and teachers who traveled throughout China studying Taoism. The group also learned about medical qigong. During her stay in China, Debra expanded her meditation practice in a cave high on the powerful Mount Huashan. In 2004, Debra traveled to Canyon de Chelly where she learned more about shamanic healing practices and experienced the hospitality and wisdom of a Native American host family.
Debra continued her mystical studies in Egypt in 2005, where she underwent powerful initiations at ancient sacred sites throughout Egypt. Since then, Debra’s travels have taken her to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, and India. In February of 2014, Debra received a Sri Yantra activation beneath the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India where the Buddha attained enlightenment.
Debra was introduced to crystals as a child. She has developed a close affinity with them over the course of her lifetime and shares her enthusiasm for crystals with others. She works with crystals in healing sessions, feng shui, and for spiritual growth. Her home, filled with magnificent stones, radiates the frequency of love.
Over the past 11 years, Debra has served as an instrument for, and facilitator of, powerful spiritual activations. People have reported amazing results following the activations including the removal of addiction, the disappearance of fear, overwhelming peace and compassion, enhanced psychic abilities, and a feeling of wholeness and integrity, to name a few. Crystals are always involved in these activations.
Debra’s greatest passion is helping others realize their own divinity and power. She shares this passion in a myriad of venues. She is an ordained minister and a Traditional Reiki Master. Debra initiates others into spiritual energy work and teaches spiritual healing practices. Many of her workshops involve powerful initiations and attunements.
Debra loves animals and has been an active supporter of PETA for many years. She is a fourth generation Floridian and loves the great outdoors. Her hobbies include exploring the nature of reality, travel, hiking, canoeing, river rafting, and reading. Debra is a student, an interdimensional traveler, a dreamer, teacher, and passionate lover of life.