Class Offerings


60 min - A great class for those new to the practice and adaptable for the more experienced practitioners, the Abbreviated Primary Series is an abbreviated version of the Primary Series. (Sun Salutations, Foundational Standing & Seated Asanas, Closing Sequence including inversions & headstands-optional).


90 Min - The Primary Series is a strong therapeutic practice, ordered in a way to align, cleanse & purify the body. This class is taught with emphasis on integrating the asanas with Ujjayi breathing, Bandhas, and Dristhis. Surya Namaskara A & B, Standing Asanas, Seated Asanas (foundational and twisting), and the Closing Sequence (inversions & headstands). Counted Primary Series.


60 min - Following the framework and flow of the Ashtanga series but allowing for the freedom to explore postures deeper and look for modifications when needed. Additional postures may also be added to discover new challenges and gain greater strength, balance and focus into our practice.


60 min - Vinyasa is a unique style of yoga where postures are linked together in a continuous, challenging and creative flow that combines strength and flexibility while toning the body and clearing the mind. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace with intention and to listen to their body as they explore their own edge and discover inner strength.


60 min - Yin Yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. As many ancient traditions state that our consciousness itself lies in our fascia, Yin yoga is considered to be a mind renewing practice as well. You will enter a deep state of relaxation as we hold the poses for 4-10 minutes (using props for support), listening to the sound of relaxing music to fall deeper into meditation. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility, as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas.


Open practice is not a led class. There will be a certified yoga instructor in the room, but he/she is doing his/her own practice. This instructor is there to open the studio, sign students in and then practice alongside other students. The class is designed as an opportunity for students and teachers alike to gain a personal practice with the support of others in the room. The teacher may assist students from time to time, but this is not a traditional Mysore class. Most students are practicing 1st and 2nd series of Ashtanga Yoga, but students are welcome to use the space during this time to practice whatever they choose.


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