Holy Smokes Tube

Holy Smokes Tube

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Moon Minded Medicine handcrafted organic Holy Smokes.

One tube contains seven rolled smokes.

Focus Pocus Blend- Gotu Kola, Gink Go, Peppermint, Mullein.

cools throat while promoting concentration.

Dream Time Blend- Damiana, catnip, mugwort.

relaxes both mind and body, while enhancing dream time.

Roled with rice paper, sealed with sugar gum, and biodegradable cotton filters.


-smudge sticks

- to wean off tobacco

-to send prayers in the wind.

+ please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if using blood thinners or have a history of coagulation related disorders before using this blend

+ intended for recreational + ritual use by responsible individuals.

+ not recommended for internal use by pregnant + nursing women or those with allergies to the Asteraceae family. 

+use at own risk

+must be 21 years or older to purchase this product.